I have noticed quite a few people are having a go at this trend of producing beautiful animal print nails in the the comfort of there home. So even though I don't have the proper brushes or nail paint I decided to have a go myself and these are the results:

I used No. 17 Lasting fix nail polish in orange soda to produce the coloured spots. I then used a small angeled paint brush with No. 17 Fast Finish nail polish in nightshade to draw two parallel lines either side of the spots in various directions to create the animal look. I then just glossed over with a clear nail polish.

Although close up it looks a tad messy as my nail polish was beginning to go sticky, from a distance it looks quite nice. I think i will attempt this again in future with more care.
Any hints and tips are welcome


Mum :) x said...

this is fun. I wonder if it would look slightly more realistic if the marks were slightly closer together

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