I love dip-dye styles at the moment. Ms Nicki Minaj just has to top everyone with multi colours. I love it when I see dip dye with colours, so much bolder than the natural ombre style. It gives edge and something fresh to hair colour. And as its the ends of your hair, it won't take took long to grow out!

How do you feel about this ombre trend?

So I have been testing mascaras for years now and have finally narrowed it down to my top 3!

3. Clinique high impact mascara - I love this simple brush and really helped to give volume. However it did get very sticky after a few weeks :(

2. L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes - I adored this mascara as it never clumped my lashes together which a lot of mascaras can do and it gave me brilliant volume. It never got sticky too. 

1. And at number one is MAC False Lashes Extreme Black - I have recently bought this mascara and it is already my all time favourite mascara. £18-00 so not too pricey. It creates defined lashes with volume that last all day and the extreme black colour creates a much more dramatic look. I recommend everyone try this mascara and let me know what you think!

One trend that is coming about this summer is letting your hair go natural especially if your hair exhibits a natural wave. It's really good for your hair and just so easy!

So I had a go myself with my hair rollers the other day just to test the results. I blow dried my hair till most of the water was out but it was still a tad damp and sectioned the top layer of my hair off with a big clip. I then brushed through and sectioned off bits of hair into my rollers and clipped into place with bobby pins. I then did the same to the top layer and left for a few hours, i then blow dried it as dry as i could and released each section, resulting in:

Lots of lovely curls. I then used Toni and Guy Spritz and shine liquid Mousse to hold. This is good if you have the day to get ready, and stays in all night!
I love this glamorous look. I do this often now and sometimes use clips to hold my hair on the side. It just gives a bit of glamour and edge to the normal everyday hair-down hairstyle. I often softly curl my hair too and use hairspray to hold in place.

See here how Selena Gomez exploits the trend:

And this is my attempt:

To do this I just gathered it to one side of my head and pinned it in place with bobby pins, i needed a fair few to keep in place. Let me know what you think!

Cotton Buds I find are a must have when applying makeup.

Quite often I find to completely cover my lashes in a good coating of mascara I end up smudging it onto the top lids of my eyes. Using a wetted cotton bud straight away can easily remove this smudging and ensure your mascara looks perfect! They are so cheap theres no excuse not to, especially in comparison to these mascara corrector pens out atm.

I have noticed that the high ponytail is in fashion this year. I think this is a great hairstyle and ever so easy. 1,2,3 and its done. I personally love Jessie J's ponytail at the 2012 grammy awards this year with the full fringe it's a very neat and sophisticated style. Really easy for work or when your hair just doesn't do what you want it to do.

So I had a new haircut last week and I loved the way the lady blow-dried it! It reminded me of the old styles of Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. So hence the name of this post.

I added red lipstick and brown eyeliner and wore a white skater dress to complete my look.

I would probably add a few more curls if I really wanted to replicate the Monroe look.
So I tried out this style as someone suggested to me it was super easy to do. And the verdict is: it is so simple and so cute. However I did have trouble with keeping it in place as I have layers in my hair and therefore it may be better suited to those with longer hair with less layers. Also a tip would be to first straighten the hair as it is much more manageable :)

There are some fantastic videos on youtube that you can follow.

I love head scarves! Today I wore a peach headscarf to work and felt it really jazzed up a boring style. I backcombed the top layer of my hair and pinned it back with bobby pins. I then wrapped around the headscarf, mine was only £1 from primark! It is a good way to keep your hair out of your face on a hot day :)

Plus it is a real easy 5 minute job!!

Right I know this is supposed to be a hair and make-up blog but I just had to put this down somewhere.

 Bum Shorts have become the trend with us young people today, and yes I may sound like I am 50 years old when I am only 21 but seriously.... it is an appalling piece of attire! Can girls get anymore revealing! It especially makes me sick when I see 14 year old girls who have yet to grow hips sporting them!! (Prostetots?)

 Now I'm not saying they are inappropriate all the time as I may wear them with tights if I were going clubbing, not walking around the street at 12 midday!

Seriously girls, please take some pride in yourself!

Thanks :D