Hi just a note to let people know I will be away for four months as I am going travelling to South America.

Will be back after christmas
Bye Bye

Vicky x
So in a recent post I talked about ombre/dip dye hair. Now the trend appears to be in nail art too. Therefore I thought I would have a go.

I used sunset colours, with it being summer and all, but any two shades of the same colour can be used or even different colours altogether, whatever you fancy!


  1. First I painted my nails normally with the darker shade of orange and let dry
  2. I then took an old sponge at took the lighter shade of orange and painted the end of the sponge with the polish:

   3. I then dabbed this onto the end of each nail, and let dry
   4. Finally add a top coat of clear polish:

And the final results:

Sunset nails ombre style! This is my first attempt so please tell me what you guys think and any suggestions are most welcome :)

Lipstick originated from Egypt where the egyptian women used to make there colours with crushed beetles (ew) and ants eggs! Luckily today this is not the case...

I feel that a vibrant stand out lipstick is an essential for every girls make up bag. Whether it is a rich ruby red or a pouty peppy plum, I think that your make up for an evening out can be dramatically transformed by statement lipsticks!

Here are some of my favourites :

Dark Blood Red lipstick as demonstrated by Cheryl 

Plum lips as demonstrated by Megan Fox

And finally beautifully fluorescent pinks as demonstrated by Nicki Minaj

I was playing around with up do's and found this one was really easy to do and quite stylish for a wedding or evening event.

Here is how I did this:

  • First I sectioned my hair into front and back section
  • I then put the back section of hair into a ponytail and pulled the hair band down the pony just a bit
  • I then made a pocket above the hair tie and tucked in the end of the pony tail clipping is in place with bobby pins
  • I then parted the front two sections and started twisted each section gradual encompassing more hair (like the fringe plait) as I went
  • I then tucked the twist into the pocket and clipped into place
  • I did the same on the other side
I hope this makes sense, if not let me know, there are some great video's on youtube I used too.

Have fun with this style!
I have noticed quite a few people are having a go at this trend of producing beautiful animal print nails in the the comfort of there home. So even though I don't have the proper brushes or nail paint I decided to have a go myself and these are the results:

I used No. 17 Lasting fix nail polish in orange soda to produce the coloured spots. I then used a small angeled paint brush with No. 17 Fast Finish nail polish in nightshade to draw two parallel lines either side of the spots in various directions to create the animal look. I then just glossed over with a clear nail polish.

Although close up it looks a tad messy as my nail polish was beginning to go sticky, from a distance it looks quite nice. I think i will attempt this again in future with more care.
Any hints and tips are welcome

My good friend told me about Primer and how great it was so I was determined to get some.

I chose No. 7 Primer for £19.00. I have to agree with her, it is amazing. It really smooths out your skin so your makeup especially foundation goes on effortlessly and fluidly. It also helps your foundation stay in place.

I would recommend primer to anyone, give it a go...